PPlinx April 2012 newsletter

Dear PPlinx members, this is the first blog post and the first monthly newsletter. I think we all needed a better platform to exchange and share information, and I think blogging is a great way of doing just that.

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April 2012 Newsletter

More ads than ever are available at PPlinx for members to earn from but memberships are cheap as always. As you probably already know, at PPlinx you can earn up to 100% from referrals unlike on many other similar paid to click websites. So make sure to continue promoting your referral link or start doing it if you are not doing it today, and keep your account upgraded to earn up to 5 times more than with standard membership.

Forum registration is enabled again! Yes, you can register an account and post in forum again. After being attack by spam bots for monthes, anti spam scripts were installed and are now stopping hundreds of attacks every day. 95% of the spam is now successfully blocked. More security updates will be installed in the future to block the other 5%, but the most important thing is that you can register an account and post as before.

Sadly, when our old forum database was moved to the new forum, all of the threads and posts were erased but old accounts were rescued. This means that you don’t need to register a new account if you already had an account before the move.

New special advertising packages were introduced and the old once were adjusted to the year 2012 and the current situation of paid to click industry. One of the greatest things with PPlinx is that it’s so dynamic and always open for changes. That’s why PPlinx has been so successful¬†the last 3 years. Yes, 3 years online and paying every single request since fifth april 2009.

Alertpay are slightly damaged because of the credit card issues. But I can assure you that everyone will be able to withdraw using Alertpay accounts very soon. I’m just gathering more funds before opening this cashout option again. Until that, all of the alertpay purchases will receive a small discount of 25%!

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  1. David Moran says:

    One of my sidelines is PTC offers using Pplinx and other PTC companies I get requests for USA only visits, please consider this option.

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