PTC traffic – Google Adsense safe?

google adsenseA lot of people are asking this question “PTC Traffic, is it Google Adsense safe?”. And I alway say no…

Why do I say no? Well, Google doesn’t like any kind of content related to Paid to Click. Google sees it as unnatural traffic, and it has a point. The traffic you are buying is not behaving like other kind of traffic and the visitors are “forced” to view. What’s strange is that Google Adsense call it “suspicious click activity and fraud”. PTC Traffic may not be natural but visitors are never forced to click ads.

Some PTC admins claim that their traffic is adsense free, I do not agree but I understand why they would say so. It’s very hard to earn money in this industry, I’m one of a few who can run a PTC site and state that PTC traffic is never fully Adsense safe.

Also some advertisers often use a .php redirect file to trick adsense, and that’s fine but it’s still not 100% safe. So basicly they buy traffic and send it to some .php page that has a working redirect to the real page. This way “referrer”, the source of traffic, will be a site that is not related to paid to click.



  1. plz let me how to get google adsense for my website , every time when i applied they reject it plz guide me. thanks

  2. Garbonzo says:

    “[...]but it’s still not 100% safe.”

    Can you PLEASE respond to me and explain why this isn’t? I’ve been doing this for a few days so far and haven’t had problems with adsense. How could it not be safe (unless maybe Google checks the site and sees my site?)/

    • padmin says:

      PTC traffic has a very low CTR Rate, Google will see it.

      Also, it’s against their TOS to buy traffic that can damage their advertisers. And for some reason they belive that PTC traffic is the same as fraud clicks although no one forces anyone to click ads.

      Everything related to PTC with adsense can be punished by Google. Blogs, forums, affiliate products..

      It can work for a while with low traffic volumes but the question is, for how long? Is it worth the risk?

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