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Title: Double Orders - May 2014
Post by: PPlinx on May 05, 2014, 09:31:31 PM
It has been a while, and it's time to do it again!  8)

Everything you buy at Pplinx.com, except for referrals, will be doubled the next 2 weeks.

It will, as always, take up to 48 hours but I will try to be quick and approve/double all orders once or twice every day.

Here are some examples:
1. You are buying 10 000 link credits, you will receive 20 000 link credits for the same price.
2. You are buying 20 PTSU (sign-up) credits, you will receive 40 PTSU credits for the same price.
3. You are buying a special page (includes 20 PTSU credits, 10 000 link credits, 15 000 banners credits, 5 referrals)
For the same price, everything will be doubled (except for the referrals) so what you will receive is:
40 ptsu credits, 20 000 link credits, 30 000 banners credits and 5 referrals.

Offer expires: 18 May 2014