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PPlinx is closing..
« on: July 08, 2014, 04:24:51 AM »
PPlinx is officially closing in a few weeks.

PPlinx has been online and paying to everyone for more than 5 years now, and I've been the only guy doing everything behind the scenes. Every single day, for 5 years I have been approving new orders, advertisements and making sure that no one was cheating. Costi helped me to respond to people here, but after a while I had to stop new registrations because of the always improving bots that created new accounts and spammed links to adult content.

So one of the biggest reasons behind this decision is my inactivity, I don't have the time I used to 5 years ago and I want to do something else. Improving and testing new ideas is something I really want to continue with but there comes a time when there are just too many active projects and you have to close some of them down in order to focus on the new projects with great potentials. It takes a lot of time to update code, catch cheaters and deal with support emails. A lot of time I simply no longer have, I hope some of you can understand it.

The other reason is what this industry became. Less and less people are interested in buying PTC traffic, and that means that less and less people are active and upgrading their accounts or buying referrals. 90% of the revenue was generated from advertising packages, so don't get any wild ideas like "referral selling killed pplinx". As long as you as a PTC Owner manage to sell advertising, referrals is never a problem.

With time bots became more and more advanced, I simply didn't have time to improve the code or hire someone to do it for me. Last 2 years I have been improving my method of catching cheaters manually, and that took a veeeery long time but most cheaters were removed from the site! Every time I suspended accounts, I received a lot of emails with questions like "Why was my account closed?" or "I can't login" and that wasted even more of my time. Last few months I've completely ignored my emails.

A lot of people have spammed Internet forums for a few years now, claiming that PPlinx is a scam and I proved them wrong simply by paying for 2 more years (5 in total). Keep in mind that the average life of a PTC site is maybe 2-4 months.

I loved PPlinx and still love it but it's time to kill my baby and move on.

So what now?
In a few weeks, when this information has been shared and everyone was informed, I will replace start page with useful links for beginners. Some people will be paid, but how many depends on how much money I have left in my Paypal account at that time. I will spend 80%~ of that and the rest will be used for the next server bill.

The "other projects" I want to focus more on are; E-books, games and apps for Android/iOS and blogging.
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